Dental Implant Cost

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Some of the best dental implants?

Some of the best implants are considered to be system - Replays(USA), Bio Horizon(USA), Astra, Straumann. They have the risk of rejection is low good aesthetics, but the price is quite high.

Dental Implants Reviews

I have my dentist for five years, two years ago decided to put the implant, and as with the previously treated teeth this doctor does not have a single problem, and the implant I trust him :) She told me that as a Yes, advised me the best option price/material. Teeth now, its not different, (PAH-PAH) as good as new so far :) And the price came out acceptable.

As put dental implants

As put dental implants

As put dental implants installation implantitis the dental implant consists of four successive stages. Planning.
This stage includes the examination by a doctor of the oral cavity and the site of the future implants. Performed x-ray examination.

Every person may lose one or more teeth for any reason: infectious diseases, inflammation, accident and so on.

Dental implantology is one of the promising trends in dentistry. Dental implants help solve the problem of tooth loss. With their help, the dentist can give the person back the ability to eat normally.

What is a dental implant?

The implant is a special rod that is driven into the jawbone at the lost tooth. It performs the root function, which is placed on top of an artificial tooth crown. This design replaces the tooth for a long time.

A dental implant consists of two elements: the actual implant and abutment. The implant is administered in the jaw bone. The abutment is the part that is fixed to the implant. To him subsequently attached crown.

There are many types of dental implants. They are classified by material of manufacture, shape, types. The dentist selects a particular implant depending on the specific situation and the tasks that need to be addressed with the help of their installation.

Today, as materials for the manufacture of implants using the titanium (industrial pure) or titanium-aluminum alloy. Titanium has the property of durability, corrosion resistance and excellent biological compatibility with bone tissue human.

Dental implants for and against

To any medical procedures there are always indications and contraindications. Implantation is no exception.
  • the absence of one tooth in the dentition by the adjacent healthy teeth;
  • the lack of 2-4 teeth in a row;
  • missing teeth chewing group (end defect of the dentition);
  • complete absence of teeth (applies in cases when the person does not want to wear dentures).
  • Contraindications to implantation may be absolute (in any case it is forbidden to perform this operation) and a relative (after elimination of such contraindications is allowed to insert the implant).
Absolute contraindications
  • the presence of a malignant tumor;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diseases blood-forming organs and blood (risk of bleeding);
  • diseases of the nervous system (for example, psychoses, schizophrenia, etc.);
  • pathology of the immune system (hypoplasia of the parathyroid glands and the thymus, systemic lupus erythematosus);
  • some diseases of the oral cavity;
  • endocrine diseases (e.g., pathological processes in the adrenals, diabetes).
  • Relative indications
  • any disease in the acute period;
  • caries, gingivitis, periodontal disease;
  • inadequate oral hygiene;
  • atrophy;
  • pregnancy;
  • bruxism (teeth grinding during the night);
  • precancerous diseases of the oral cavity.